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Headbed Rattan

If you’re playing around with your bedroom decor, one of the main focal points for designing around is naturally the bed. It is the hub of a bedroom and without it, well it wouldn’t make for much of a bedroom if you didn’t have somewhere to lay your head down at night or spend all weekend lounging around. Because the bed is such an important element of the room, you want it to resemble a place of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, changing your entire bed frame every time you want something a little different isn’t the simplest of things to do, so that’s where we bring in the stand-alone headboard. Please ask us for details. DIMENSION Height: 200 cm, Length: 180 cm

Round Giant Mirror Rattan

This circular wall mirror has a rattan border for a natural feel. Hang it with other pieces from our collection for a look that's unique to you. Please ask us for details. LAMP DIMENSION Largest Diameter: 150 cm

Sidetable Wood Rattan

This round accent table comes in a natural woven rattan design in a light color for textural appeal. Please ask us for details. DIMENSION Height: 50 cm, Length: 40 cm, Width: 40 cm